Movie Clips


File Name Date Caption
2ndBdayGifts.mpg 11/2/2006 Bella opens her 2nd birthday gifts
SaysHerName.mpg 7/2/2006 Anabella says her name
ToyDance.mpg 7/2/2006 Toy dance
GirlsSnoopyJump.mpg 4/17/2006 Girls Snoopy jump
NiteCry.mpg 11/4/2005 Night time cry
1stBday.mpg 11/2/2005 1st birthday cake and song.
PumpkinExcitement.mpg 10/30/2005 Excited about pumpkins.
PickPumpkin.mpg 10/30/2005 Picking her pumpkin.
Walking.mpg 10/7/2005 Anabella is walking.
Zebra.mpg 10/3/2005 Riding her zebra.
Standing.mpg 8/22/2005 Standing at Julienna's ballet recital.
HippoPush.mpg 8/6/2005 Anabella learns to walk by pushing her hippo.
Bounce.mpg 5/16/2005 In her bounce swing.
Laughing.mpg 5/16/2005 Laughing in her bounce swing.
6MonthsOld.mpg 5/2/2005 On her half birthday.
Kicking.mpg 3/20/2005 Using her kick toy.
1stChristmas.mpg 12/24/2004 Her first Christmas.
Lullabye.mpg 11/10/2004 Julienna sings Anabella a lullabye.
Bath.mpg 11/8/2004 Mommy gives Anabella a bath at home.
HoldingSister.mpg 11/2/2004 Julienna holds Anabella for the 1st time.
TickleFeet.mpg 11/2/2004 Julienna tickles Anabella's feet.
MissAmerica.mpg 11/2/2004 It's a girl! Anabella arrives. This is the birth.