2004 Pictures

File Name Date Caption
Pizza baby.jpg 12/31/2004 Daddy does the famous hold
8weeks old.jpg 12/28/2004 8 weeks old
Plaid outfit.jpg 12/25/2004 Plaid outfit
GG hold sleep.jpg 12/25/2004 Great Grandma holds her while sleeping
Mike feed.jpg 12/25/2004 Uncle Mike feeds Anabella
Gramma hold.jpg 12/25/2004 Grandma holds her on Christmas day
GG hold 2.jpg 12/25/2004 Great Grandma hold her
GG hold.jpg 12/25/2004 Great Grandma hold her
Bottle hold.jpg 12/24/2004 Holding her own bottle
Baby bow.jpg 12/24/2004 Bow on her head
Christmas eve awake.jpg 12/24/2004 Christmas eve awake
Christmas eve sleep.jpg 12/24/2004 Christmas eve sleep
All sleep.jpg 12/24/2004 Grandparents are sleeping too!
Mark-Steve hold.jpg 12/24/2004 Steve and Mark pose with Anabella
Mark hold.jpg 12/24/2004 Mark holds her
Christmas eve laugh.jpg 12/24/2004 Christmas eve laugh
Lil smile.jpg 12/23/2004 Just a li'l smile
Gang signs.jpg 12/22/2004 Westsieeeda!
Big hair.jpg 12/22/2004 Big hair in the bath
Wash cloth.jpg 12/21/2004 Wash cloth
7weeks old.jpg 12/21/2004 7 weeks old
Anabella-tree-gifts.jpg 12/18/2004 Anabella with the tree and gifts
Clark hold.jpg 12/18/2004 Clark holds her
Over Dad shoulder.jpg 12/18/2004 Over Dad shoulder
Over shoulder.jpg 12/18/2004 On Daddy's shoulder
K J & A.jpg 12/18/2004 Kyle, Julienna & Anabella
Bouncy.jpg 12/18/2004 In bouncy by Christmas tree
Looking forward.jpg 12/18/2004 JC Penney Christmas pose
Hands together.jpg 12/18/2004 JC Penney Christmas pose
Hand out.jpg 12/18/2004 JC Penney Christmas pose
Santa & Anabella.jpg 12/17/2004 Santa & Anabella
Daddy hold.jpg 12/17/2004 Looking at Daddy
Duck PJs.jpg 12/17/2004 Wearing duck pajamas
Hands up smile.jpg 12/17/2004 Hands up smiling
Bath cry.jpg 12/16/2004 Crying in the bath (sink)
Couch sit.jpg 12/11/2004 Sitting on the couch
Christmas 2004.jpg 12/6/2004 Christmas photo
Daddy & girls couch.jpg 12/5/2004 Daddy & girls on couch
Marquez family hold.jpg 12/5/2004 Marquez family visit Anabella
Monica hold.jpg 12/5/2004 Monica holds her
Santa baby.jpg 12/5/2004 Santa baby
Grandma hold.jpg 12/5/2004 Grandma holds her
Papa hold.jpg 12/5/2004 Papa holds her
Mitch hold.jpg 12/3/2004 Mitch holds her
Michelle-Mitch.jpg 12/3/2004 Michelle & Mitch with Anabella
Michelle hold.jpg 12/3/2004 Michelle holds her
4weeks old.jpg 11/30/2004 4 weeks old
4weeks closeup.jpg 11/30/2004 4 weeks old close up
1st Turkey day.jpg 11/25/2004 Her first Thanksgiving
Dad & A sleep.jpg 11/24/2004 Anabella and Daddy sleep
Bouncy & J.jpg 11/23/2004 In her bouncy with Julienna
3weeks old.jpg 11/23/2004 3 weeks old
Tony hold with kids.jpg 11/21/2004 Uncle Tony and the kids
Mike hold.jpg 11/21/2004 Uncle Mike holds her
Sara hold.jpg 11/21/2004 Sara holds her
Jay hold.jpg 11/21/2004 Uncle Jay holds her
Ariel hold.jpg 11/21/2004 Cousin Ariel holds her
Dominic hold.jpg 11/21/2004 Cousin Dominic holds her
Tony hold.jpg 11/21/2004 Uncle Tony holds her
Dyan hold.jpg 11/21/2004 Auntie Dyan holds her
Grandpa hold.jpg 11/19/2004 Grandpa holding her
Closeup sleep.jpg 11/17/2004 Close up of her sleeping
Big yawn.jpg 11/16/2004 Big yawn
2weeks old.jpg 11/16/2004 2 weeks old
Kristina hold visit.jpg 11/14/2004 Kristina hold during visit
Visit Clark hold.jpg 11/14/2004 Visiting Clark hold
Beanbag.jpg 11/14/2004 Sitting in beanbag chair
Pink PJs close.jpg 11/10/2004 Wearing ping pajamas
Pink PJs sleep.jpg 11/9/2004 Wearing ping pajamas
Pink PJs.jpg 11/9/2004 Wearing ping pajamas
Deep think.jpg 11/9/2004 Deep thinker
whichone.htm 11/9/2004 Which one is which?
Head-to-head.jpg 11/6/2004 Big sister with little sister
Sleeping quilt.jpg 11/6/2004 Sleeping on a quilt
Daddy with couch sisters.jpg 11/6/2004 Daddy with couch sisters
Couch sisters 2.jpg 11/6/2004 Couch sisters
Couch sisters.jpg 11/6/2004 Sisters sitting on the couch
Biting beanie.jpg 11/6/2004 Julienna bites Anabella's beanie
With Juanita & Isaac.jpg 11/6/2004 With Juanita, Isaac & Julienna
With Grandma-Amy-Ashley.jpg 11/5/2004 With Grandma, Amy & Ashley
Grandma & cousins.jpg 11/5/2004 Grandma & cousins
First family photo.jpg 11/5/2004 First family photo
First family photo 3.jpg 11/5/2004 First family photo
First family photo 2.jpg 11/5/2004 First family photo
First family photo 4.jpg 11/5/2004 First family photo
First outfit 4.jpg 11/5/2004 First outfit
First outfit 3.jpg 11/5/2004 First outfit
First outfit 2.jpg 11/5/2004 First outfit
With Grandma & J 2.jpg 11/5/2004 With Grandma & Julienna
With Grandma & J.jpg 11/5/2004 With Grandma & Julienna
With Mike 2.jpg 11/5/2004 With Uncle Mike
With Mike.jpg 11/5/2004 With Uncle Mike
With Angie-Brandon.jpg 11/5/2004 With Aunt Angie and Brandon
Daddy kiss.jpg 11/5/2004 Daddy kissing Anabella
With Daddy 2.jpg 11/5/2004 With Daddy
With Daddy.jpg 11/5/2004 With Daddy
Mommy-J-A bed 4.jpg 11/4/2004 Mommy, Julienna & Anabella
Mommy-J-A bed 3.jpg 11/4/2004 Mommy, Julienna & Anabella
With Jay.jpg 11/4/2004 With Uncle Jay
With Sarah.jpg 11/4/2004 With Sarah
Kyle-J-A.jpg 11/4/2004 Kyle, Julienna & Anabella
With Banks 2.jpg 11/4/2004 With Aunt Kristina & Kyle
With Banks.jpg 11/4/2004 With Aunt Kristina & Kyle
With Nana 2.jpg 11/3/2004 With Nana
With Nana.jpg 11/3/2004 With Nana
With Vickie 2.jpg 11/3/2004 With Tia Vickie
With Vickie.jpg 11/3/2004 With Tia Vickie
First closeup.jpg 11/2/2004 Her first closeup
Bundled.jpg 11/2/2004 All bundled up
Mommy-J-A bed 2.jpg 11/2/2004 Mommy, Julienna & Anabella
Mommy-J-A bed.jpg 11/2/2004 Mommy, Julienna & Anabella
With Julienna 2.jpg 11/2/2004 With her big sister Julienna
With Grandma 2.jpg 11/2/2004 With Grandma
With Grandma.jpg 11/2/2004 With Grandma
With Mommy.jpg 11/2/2004 With Mommy
Sleep on tummy.jpg 11/2/2004 Sleeping on tummy
Foot.jpg 11/2/2004 Taking foot imprint
Diaper 2.jpg 11/2/2004 First diaper
Diaper.jpg 11/2/2004 First diaper
Finger.jpg 11/2/2004 Sucking on finger
Weigh me.jpg 11/2/2004 On the scale
naked hold.jpg 11/2/2004 Nurse holding Anabella
naked.jpg 11/2/2004 Naked photo
new 2.jpg 11/2/2004 First photo
new.jpg 11/2/2004 First photo