Past Pictures of the Month


File Name Month Caption
Princess_Bella_Minnie_ears.jpg Oct - Jan Bella tries on Princess Minnie hat in World of Disney.
PS_Dessert_time.jpg Oct - Jan The girls enjoy dessert in Palm Springs.
Box_Bed_Girls.jpg May - Sept J & A relaxing in their box bed.
Ball_Fun_Smile.jpg May - Sept The girls enjoying Kyle's 11th birthday party.
MVP_slide.jpg Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr Anabella sliding at Julienna's birthday party.
Bella_&_Gretzky.jpg Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr Gretzky sitting on Anabella's lap.
Sun_Wheel_ride.jpg December Anabella enjoying the Sun Wheel at California Adventure.
CA_Carousel.jpg December Anabella smiles on the King Triton carousel.
2nd_bday_gifts_8.jpg November Anabella feeds her new baby on her 2nd birthday.
Bella_Princess_Belle.jpg November Anabella dresses up as Disney's Princess Belle for Halloween.
Check_my_diaper.jpg Oct Anabella flashes her diaper at Ryan in Tahoe.
Anabella_name.jpg Oct Anabella poses below her name at the Children's Discovery Museum.
Sleeve_cap_2.jpg June/July/Aug/Sept Anabella smiles wearing Daddy's hockey sleeve cap.
Blue_hat.jpg June/July/Aug/Sept Anabella poses while sporting her blue flower hat.
Disney_cool_breeze.jpg May Stylin' in shades at the World of Disney store.
CA_hiding.jpg May Trying to hide from her sister in California Adventure.
Carseat_popcorn.jpg April Anabella eats some popcorn in the car.
In_shopping_cart.jpg April Anabella takes a ride in a Kohl's shopping cart.
Valentine_highchair.jpg Feb/March Anabella poses during her Valentine's day breakfast.
O_face.jpg Feb/March Anabella makes her famous "O" face.
In_red_wagon.jpg Dec/Jan Anabella sits in her gift from Santa.
Birthday_cake_eat_3.jpg Dec/Jan Anabella makes a mess eating her 1st birthday cake.
Tahoe_hot_tub.jpg Oct/Nov Anabella enjoys the hot tub in Lake Tahoe.
Swing_smile.jpg Oct/Nov Anabella shows off her teeth while swinging.
Flames.jpg Sep Anabella admires the flames from Nana's birthday cake.
Weigh_me.jpg Sep Anabella weighs in at the local grocery store.
Inner_tube_sit.jpg July/Aug Anabella waits to get into her swimming pool.
Pink_heart_glasses_2.jpg July/Aug Anabella wearing her heart-shaped sunglasses.
Em_&_A.jpg June Anabella & cousin Emily pose after lunch in Anaheim.
CA_MGR.jpg June Anabella & Daddy ride the Merry-Go-Round in California Adventure.
Rocking_horse.jpg Apr/May Test driving a rocking horse at Toys-R-Us.
Eating_toast.jpg Apr/May Anabella eats some Zwieback toast.
Grandma's_counter.jpg March 4 1/2 month Anabella poses on Grandma's counter.
Michelle's_reception_mommy.jpg March Mommy & Anabella pose at Michelle's wedding reception.
11_weeks_smile.jpg Feb Anabella turns 11 weeks old and does some exercises.
Aunt_Joyce_hold.jpg Feb Aunt Joyce holds Anabella at the Topaz Lodge. We love & miss you Uncle Tom!
Santa_hat.jpg Dec/Jan Anabella celebrates her 1st Christmas in style.
6weeks_old.jpg Dec/Jan Anabella just turned 6 weeks old.
First_outfit.jpg Nov Anabella wears her first outfit from the hospital.
With_Julienna.jpg Nov Big sister Julienna holds her little sister Anabella for the first time.